The Process

by queridorafa

So it’s four days later and Rafa is still out of Indian Wells. I had hoped that a Lucky Loser spot might become available for him at some point, but alas, no luck(y loser).

Obviously Rafa’s early exit from the tournament has afforded him some extra time on his hands, which one would presume he’s taking full advantage of by using it to pore over film, analyze why he lost, and determine how to prevent it from ever happening again.


*clearing throat* I mean, Rafa presumably has been living on the practice court on these unexpectedly free days, hitting hundreds of balls and running wind sprints and doing footwork drills and climbing stairs and engaging in other training-fitness-montagey type activities.


Fine. Rafa has been lying on Larry’s couch watching golf and reading sailing magazines. But it’s aaaall part of the process. All part of the process.

As is, apparently, visiting The Nest.

A quick perusal of The Nest‘s Facebook page reveals that is frequented by the likes of Michael Bolton, Vanna White, a Real Housewife of Orange County, AND Peter Gallagher. Rafa has clearly become pretty big-time. (Peter Gallagher!)

Ah, it appears that Rafa has made his way to the practice court.

Training for the swampy humidity of Miami in the dry heat of Indian Wells. All part of the process.