Fancy Silver Jackets

by queridorafa

Amid all the…whatever we want to call yesterday…I forgot to make mention of this lovely photograph, posted on Rafa’s FB page yesterday (although, once again, given that Carlos is assistant tournament director in Madrid and somewhat defending the blue clay, it’s sort of funny to think of how their conversations are unfolding; maybe they just agreed to not talk about it?). It’s quite the nice antidote to the generalized bewilderment/dramz incited by Rafa’s somewhat bizarre loss yesterday. Yes, that’s what we’ll call it. Generalized bewilderment/dramz. Dramz. I like that word. Dramz, dramz, dramz. Dramzy. Dramz….Anyways, the photo was in fact posted before the match, so I guess it’s more of a pre-antidote. Or a post-pre-antidote, at this point. Rafa also posted this picture after the match, wearing his fancy silver jacket. I believe that’s what they call them in the fashion world, fancy silver jackets with little tab/lapel things at the neck. Yup. That is some highly sophisticated fashion jargon I’m using there.

So yes, Rafa left Madrid (the tongue says it all) right after his match and made a pit stop in Mallorca, before jetting off to Rome in the presumable near future. I read on Twitter that apparently he said something about having less confidence going into Rome due to what just happened in Madrid, and honestly, I simply cannot deal with that right now. Nope. Refuse. Rafa needs to watch a tape of the Monte Carlo final again, and eschew all of his bad blue clay thoughts, because his emotional wrangling/crisis in confidence during Rome/RG last year was, you know, a lot to deal with. We deserve a break this year. Also, Rafa does too. ;)

In other news, Fer lost to Berd-man, 1 and 2 today. Not surprising. Let-downs after big wins are almost more common than non-let-downs (the same thing happened to Dodig and Mayer after their wins against Rafa last year), and Fer had spent a lot of time on court during this tournament, so fatigue was likely an issue as well.  I do have to say though, that Fer’s assertion that he beat Rafa on clay did not go over well with me. I mean, it’s not really clay. So, yeah. He beat him, yes. But on a unique surface. Not unlike how Isner beat Roger on a unique surface at Davis Cup. It still counts, but, because it is unique, I’m not sure it says much about the match-up overall, or Fer’s ability to beat Rafa “on clay.” #stillslightlybitter Anyway, so one semi is set: Berd-man vs. DelPo, while Novak vs. Janko and Roger vs. Ferrer are later today. I haven’t seen either Berd-man or DelPo play at all lately, so my opinion is fairly useless, but I’m kind of leaning toward Berd-man. He moves better, excels on quick surfaces, and I don’t know, something about his personality kind of meshes well with the blue clay, i.e. they’re both kind of unpopular and yet seem to enjoy it. (The blue clay is totally a sentient being, I believe.) It will be interesting to see if Novak gives his best effort against Janko, or if he sort of allows himself to lose. Probably not, I’m guessing (maybe in the semis?), but given Novak’s comments about not playing next year and feeling like whoever wins will be the one who survives the week, uninjured, this tournament has become a giant bag of awkward for him. David will have his hands full against Roger, obviously, but this just might be his best chance, if ever is going to beat Roger–on a surface Roger is not completely comfortable on, and coming off a strong/perilously-close-to-toppling-Rafa-performance in Barcelona. So yeah. My first choice to win it is David, obviously, because he so deserves a Masters, then Berd-man or DelPo, then Janko, then Novak, then Roger. Just a coincidence Roger’s last, of course… ;)